Jul 28

Roland Frasier’s Story – The Source of Inspiration to the Marketers

Roland Frasier
Roland Frasier began to sell real estate when he was only 18 years old and moved gradually into syndicating with business and real estate investments. He held insurance, real estate and securities licenses leveraging from the buyouts with the Prudential Securities while he was still in college and in the law school. As soon as he finishes he studies in the law school, Roland Frasier opened his own law practice, growing it to one of the best firms in San Diego. He provided services to business owners, entrepreneurs, and entertainment and marketing industry clients. While acting as the Managing Partner there and conducting all the advertising and marketing campaigns, which generate the clients through networking, copywriting, networking and forming union of ventures.

During the time when he started to joint venture some deals with the clients, and evolved gradually from practicing law to companies that are offering buy and sell, direct response marketing and repositioning businesses, including infomercials, copywriting and many other projects. Through his expertise, he have done infomercial deals with the K-Tel Direct and Guthy-Renker, published some deals with the Random House and Simon & Schuster, and negotiated many shows with the primary hotels at Las Vegas strip. Other than all that, he was involved in about a hundred public and private offerings, worked with the great Gary Halbert, run hedge funds internationally, created marketing campaigns and presentations for main brands and a whole lot more.

Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier is currently a principal in Digital Marketer and Incubator, working in the marketing businesses as a principal also with Perry Belcher, Ryan Deiss, Kent Clothier, Frank Kern and many other digital marketing dominants. Roland Frasier has a real passion for business and put deals together, and he is always on the lookout for the businesses to sell, buy, and reposition. His specialties include marketing strategy, funding and structuring of mergers, negotiation, acquisitions, copywriting, and public and private exit strategies for entrepreneurs and businesses. Implementation and design of comprehensive multi-channel advertising and marketing campaigns are also included in his wide range of expertise, counting on his expertise on new media, internet, social networks, direct response, and print.

With all his great experiences, expertise, knowledge and creativity, people in the marketing industry of any kind, especially the beginner marketers, are all looking at Roland Frasier as their inspiration to reach their marketing goals. This will be with the help of advices and tips provided by him, as he wanted to share all the things that made him successful and because his main goal is to help people who are in need to his expertise, ranging from real estate, to the health and fitness, nutritional supplements, digital marketing, and even in relationships and dating.