Jun 25

Leodis Matthews and his Social Responsibility

Leodis MatthewsAside from being a professional lawyer and attorney, Mr. Leodis Matthews is also active in social interaction. He is able to socialize with different kind of people regardless of their position and their status in life. As a lawyer, it is a must that he has the ability to communicate well with other people. . He needs to deal with different kind of personalities and behaviors of his clients. He is expected to be good in expressing his thoughts and ideas especially when defending a particular client.

Since he had shown excellent performance as a lawyer, he has been known almost in the entire United States. People would admire his excellent performance in terms of his practice of law. He was invited in many gatherings and occasions by his friends and partners in the business. He even organizes his own congress and share his knowledge and skills.

Leodis MatthewsLast August 15 2008, he was with the California Congressman Diane Watson, Al Waser, Morgan Matthews during the celebration of the Liechtenstein’s National Day. During the Liechtenstein’s Honorary Consul in Los Angeles (USA), Mr. Leodis C. Matthews was one of the speakers who talked about the Responsible Investing and its role in promoting Liechtenstein as a financial location. He emphasized on promoting the Liechtenstein in the whole United States. He is promoting about responsible investments. In his talk, he proves how concerned and care for his countrymen. He want his countrymen to learn the responsible investing.

Although California has been the leader of United States, he still wants it to make a difference and be the best. He is really determined in pursuing his advocacy to help other people. Despite the success and accomplishments he had, he never forget his fellow countrymen. He still remains as humble and down to earth person, a kind of person that you would really admire. He’s not just a lawyer but a good friend and a brother to depend on. You know the fact that he is a lawyer and an attorney who continues to help other people about legal matters, but it doesn’t stop there. He is also willing to help his country and his countrymen to improve their lifestyle and their status in life.

Just like what he said in the congress that Liechtenstein could make a difference, everyone can make a difference. Because doing that so, will help you achieve your goals in life.